Forget coffins, here are biodegradable burial capsules that grow trees

Environmentally friendly graves-fruits from which trees grow.

Forget coffins, here are Capsula Mundi biodegradable burial capsules that grow trees. Imagine if the memory of the deceased was represented by their favorite trees instead of tombstones, and if the Day of Remembrance of the Dead was spent in a beautiful sacred forest instead of in the cemetery... Nature-friendly biodegradable burial capsules that turn the remains into trees were conceived by to the Italian company Capsula Mundi.

Funeral capsules that grow trees? For some, perhaps a bit bizarre and even unacceptable, the idea of funeral capsules, which turn the remains of our loved ones into organic fertilizer that allows the growth of a tree planted above the capsule, was born to an Italian company Capsule Mundi. The project leaders - Anna Citelli and Raoul Bretzel - embraced the idea of a closed circle and imagined an innovative form of funeral ceremony. They developed an environmentally friendly alternative to the coffin - a biodegradable funeral capsule that turns the remains of the deceased into fertilizer for their favorite tree, and cemeteries into beautiful sacred forests. Due to the Italian legislation, the project remains only a concept for now, but it is nice to think that one day, instead of gravestones, our memory could be represented by the mighty trees of sacred forests...

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More information: www.capsulamundi.it

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