Friendship with ex-partners - yes or no?

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In life, we often find ourselves in situations that we do not expect or we didn't want them. And sometimes these situations concern ex-partners: some unequivocally claim that any relationship with an old love is out of the question, while others believe that friendship is possible, especially if they have a common company with their exes. So when is it appropriate to maintain contact with exes or Do we agree to hang out with our partner's exes?

At the beginning of a relationship, we usually don't think about of their own exes, and even less so your new partner's exes. However, life sometimes takes us down the path it took we didn't imagine and that's not right nothing wrong.
If your partner from a previous relationship has children, it is, let's say, completely appropriate, that he keeps with his ex-partner for their sake friendly or at least civil relations. In this case, it's up to you, yes think about it, are you on this type of relationship ready and the communication partner you don't prevent, and you also keep it during meetings respectful behavior. But what if the reason your partner wants to keep in touch with his ex is not in children?

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Friendship with exes - yes or no?

When it comes to friendship with ex-partners, they are opinions divided. Some of you are difficult to represent, to hang out with the person they once had a crush on romantic feelings, but others do not see it nothing bad. And because people are different, there is no correct answer. It is only important that with a partner determine exactly, how they will act, while they must be careful that they are with the decision both satisfied. No way you shouldn't to accept deal that you feel could help you in the long run hurt – it can cause this in the future conflicts and mistrust.
We must also emphasize here that we have people different definitions of friendship. Some people use this word to imagine a relationship with an ex-partner say hi to her, when they see each other and have no problem spending time in to the common society. On the other hand, some perceive friendship as a deeper relationship, which covers regular socializing. Therefore, it is necessary that they are partners in the clear, what this word means to you - this is how you will avoid future ones misunderstanding.

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What about friendship with your partner's ex?

Sometimes it happens that we also come across the question of friendship with your partner's ex. This can happen if have known each other for a long time or they are in the same work environment. You know the right answer here only you, so we suggest you do exactly as you feel. Of course, it is important that you maintain during any encounters civil and polite behavior, and yes, if you want the gatherings to not happen, to your partner you say clearly.
What if the partner despite your disagreement hanging out with an ex continues or even suggests that hung out together? That's when it's important to place clear boundaries and let him know what you are in a relationship with you will not allow. You should be aware that in a situation that makes you sad, no need to stay and that you deserve a partner who will be you and your desires appreciated and considered.

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