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Heal your past, eliminate the consequences of accumulated stress in your body, change old subconscious patterns and live a relaxed life with inner peace within you. The all-day event "From anxiety to inner peace" with Asja Dominka, which will take place on November 26, 2023 in the Smelt hall in Ljubljana, is intended for everyone who is faced with a feeling of malaise and wants to finally achieve inner peace.

In today's fast-paced modern life, more and more people are dealing with anxiety, one of the most common mental problems of today. Increased work pressure, stressful personal situations and everyday worries can quickly lead to feelings of anxiety and being trapped.
Anxiety is an emotional reaction that we can all experience from time to time. The feeling of discomfort, accompanied by restlessness, tension and worry, is part of the human experience. However, anxiety can become more than just occasional discomfort. When it develops into an anxiety disorder, it can turn into an obstacle to a quality life.

Understanding how these symptoms manifest in our body and mind is key to managing them. Knowing about anxiety and its effects helps us to face it, overcome it and eventually move to inner peace.

Photo: envato

All-day event From excitement to inner peace with Asja Dominka

Heal your past and live a relaxed life with inner peace within you

All day event "From anxiety to inner peace" with Asja Dominka will take place November 26, 2023 in the Smelt Hall in Ljubljana. The event is intended for everyone who is facing a feeling of malaise and wants to finally achieve inner peace.

Asja Dominka, Master of Science in Basic Medical Sciences, will lead this extraordinary full-day event that will enrich your understanding of anxiety with expert insights and practical solutions. She will take care of the musical introduction to the event Eva Hren, a renowned Slovenian musician.

Asja Dominko helps people move from anxiety, restlessness and burnout to inner peace. Then guide them to a healthy, happy and fulfilled life. Through his therapy program, Inner Peace, he helps people achieve their goals with scientific predictability and repeatability. Everyone involved in her process achieved the desired results. Through her many years of dedicated work, Asja has developed a special gift for energetic healing of emotional wounds and the ability to permanently change subconscious patterns with love. She has helped many people struggling with anxiety, depression, panic attacks, burnout, insomnia, jealousy and other issues to find inner peace. Her clients report how they improved their lives physically and emotionally, regained self-belief and discovered inner strength and built their self-worth. With the help of Asja, they revived the child in them, learned sincere love for themselves and began to live in accordance with their inner feelings.

You can find more information about Asja Dominko and the event From anxiety to inner peace on the website asjadominko.si.
Tickets are on sale at eventim.si.

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