Creative cups: If you have already drunk coffee or tea, now treat yourself to another cup of creativity

Drinking coffee and tea has reached the level of religion a long time ago and is a necessary daily ritual for many people. Throughout history, the various cultural labels associated with drinking these two drinks have accumulated like coffee grounds, but one fact holds true for all of them. Without a cup of ritual with coffee or there is no tea. Therefore, it is not surprising that a lot of work goes into not only the grains and leaves, but also their design.

So cups are more than just cups. They are stories with handles, one of the few things that knows almost every mood of its owner and for many the only friend until they pour some coffee out of it in the morning. They therefore represent an important stone in our mosaic, although most people take them for granted. But that was not the case for Ivan Cankar, because it was the cup that played one of the key roles in his life. And most of you will probably agree with me when I say that there is more between us and the cup than just a cold handshake with the handle and more than just palms on its curves. Willingly or unwillingly, a special bond is formed.

If an umbrella can be a balloon, a mug can be an iron!
If an umbrella can be a balloon, a mug can be an iron!

Whether you're a caffeine or theine addict, if you're seriously considering a new mug after checking out the gallery below, the connection probably isn't too strong. Because if you are emotionally attached to her, there will be no cracks, no faded color, and no "younger" will come between you. I challenge you. Put your loyalty to the test!

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