Lighting of the festive lights in Ljubljana: when is the lighting of the lights 2022?

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Do you know when the lights come on in 2022?! November is the month when we slowly begin to look forward to the Christmas and New Year holidays. A tradition that we especially look forward to is the lighting of the lights in Ljubljana - the day when the capital is decorated with festive lights in the form of beautiful structures and characters. We asked when the 2022 lights are coming on.

The end of November is the time when our capital shines in the light holiday lights. Christmas lights that form interesting shapes, the city streets are filled with Christmas atmosphere and thus delight not only residents, but also visitors and tourists. The lighting of the lights is considered a special tradition when the crowds go to Prešeren Square or, with a hot drink, they watch the moment when Ljubljana takes over festive image.

Ljubljana will soon shine with holiday lights Photo: Janez Zalaznik / visitljubljana.com

When is the 2022 lights out?

This year, the lighting of the lights will take place one day earlier than last year, namely November 25, 2022 (Friday before the first Sunday of Advent). This time too, the city will shine in art forms called The basic building blocks of decorating, which are the work of the author Zmag Modic. The exhibition will be somewhat differently arranged like last year and connected in new strings, and it will consist of approx 850 sculptures and figures.

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The lights will be assembled into artistic forms Photo: Janez Zalaznik / visitljubljana.com

New Year decorations and events Ljubljana 2022

Ljubljana will not only be decorated with Christmas lights: it will also beautify it 10 spruce (the largest will traditionally stand on Prešeren square) and 79 Green trees, which can be found on Wolfova, Čopova, Stritarjeva and Trubarjeva streets - these Christmas trees will return to nature after the holidays. On Gallus embankment we will also be able to admire beautiful ones during the holiday season a crib made of straw. The nativity scene is a unique handiwork of an artist Anton Kravanje, and their specialty is life-size figures.
We can also visit Ljubljana Holiday fair. According to the latest information, it will open its doors on the day the lights are switched on (25. 11.), and it will last until in January. We will find it at The shore and Petkovo embankment, and in addition to gifts, we will also be able to get mulled wine and other catering services there.
It will take place again on Christmas Eve traditional Christmas concert in front of the Magistrate. It will start at 5 p.m, and it is organized by the Old Ljubljana Institute of Culture in cooperation with Tourism Ljubljana and the Municipality of Ljubljana. It is just like in previous years free entry.

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