Home remedy for sore ears - salty sock

Home Remedy for Sore Ears

Earaches are among the most terrible pains, but inflamed ears can be cured with a simple trick and thus skip a visit to the doctor and pharmacy. Like the ingredients for many other home remedies, the ingredients for ear pain relief can be found in the kitchen, but you also need something from the wardrobe: a sock. That's right. To relieve pain in the ears, you need about half a kilogram of salt and a cotton sock!

Ear inflammation and other types of earache are among the worst pain. Anyone who has ever felt this pain knows this. But few people know that this kind of pain can be eliminated with a simple trick with a sock and salt. Especially during cold weather, the likelihood of ear infections is so much higher, so it is wise to know advice from the home chest, which you will be able to redeem not only when your ear hurts, but also when your tooth hurts. To prepare an old folk medicine for the ear you need (necessary!) cotton sock and salt.

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Sock and salt home remedy for sore ears.
Sock and salt home remedy for sore ears.

How to prepare a home remedy for sore ears?

Fill the sock with salt and make a knot. Put it on pan (so it is important that it is made of natural materials) and heat it for about three minutes on each side at a medium temperature (the ideal temperature is 60 degrees Celsius). Another way is to first heat the salt separately, which you heat in a pan for about five minutes, stirring constantly in between. When it warms up, sprinkle it into the sock and the latter you commit well. Then place a sock on the pan for a short time and heat it well (but not too hot). Place the heated sock on the inflamed ear and hold it there until it cools down. During this time, the pain will disappear. If it doesn't go away after a few repetitions, see a doctor.

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