Honda: autonomous electric transport vehicle

Honda Autonomous Work Vehicle Prototype; Photo: hondanews.eu

Honda, the Japanese car manufacturer, recently unveiled its prototype autonomous transport vehicle, now in its third generation. This innovative transport vehicle is designed to help people with tasks such as towing, loading and transporting materials.

Latest version Honda's autonomous transport vehicle has carrying capacity 907 kilograms, which is a significant improvement over the 399 kilograms of the second-generation version. Autonomez can accelerate up to 16 km/h, making it a versatile and efficient work tool. One of the key features of the Honda autonomous work vehicle is its cargo area, which has room for two pallets. This makes it ideal for transporting a wide variety of materials, from construction supplies to agricultural produce. The loading surface is lower than previous versions, making it easier to load and unload heavy objects. These features make the vehicle more efficient and easier to use, making it the perfect tool for those who need a versatile work vehicle.

The Honda autonomous work vehicle is powered by a capacity battery 18.6 kWh, which enables 10 hours operation. This makes it an effective option for those who need to use the vehicle for a long time. The battery is designed so that it is possible easy switch, which makes it easier to maintain the vehicle in standby mode. In addition to practical features, the autonomous vehicle can also boast of numerous safety features. It has an obstacle detection system that uses cameras and sensors to avoid obstacles in its path. This helps prevent accidents and ensures vehicle performance in a wide variety of environments.

Honda Autonomous Work Vehicle Prototype; Photo: hondanews.eu

Overall, the Honda Autonomous Work Vehicle is a versatile and efficient option for those who need a work vehicle. With increased load capacity, low loading surface height and long battery life, it is an excellent option for those who need to transport heavy materials over long distances. In addition, its safety features make it a safe and reliable option for a wide range of work tasks. As technology advances daily, we will see more and more innovative vehicles like Honda's autonomous truck in the coming years.

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