How do you know if he is the right man?

What is a real man like? Is he full of himself or respectful, kind and trustworthy?

Being a real man doesn't depend on your sexual orientation or what race you are or where you come from. What matters is how he behaves in real life.

So what are real men like?

Real men stand up for what they believe in. They respect other people's ideas. They do not humiliate others because of their beliefs.

Real men use their energy to support their idea. They don't waste time waiting for the opinion of other people. They see no added value in arguing.

Real men are polite. They say thank you, hold the door, hug each other. They know what to do in different social situations and know how to behave accordingly.

Real men sometimes make mistakes but then apologize. They ask to be forgiven and not to repeat the same mistake.

Real men accept apologies, when offered, but can live without them.

Real men are kind, even to those who cannot return it to them.

Real men treat the hearts of others gently. They know that if you are nice, you have nothing to lose. We all have rough days from time to time.

Real men sometimes make mistakes but then apologize.
Real men sometimes make mistakes but then apologize.

Even real men have hard days. They can be rude at times. If this happens, they apologize.

Real men are happy with who they are. They work on personal growth and know that they cannot achieve any long-term change in themselves through anger and stubbornness.

Real men may not like themselves in every detail of their lives. However, they also realize that they can change these details.

Real men know that their life counts.

Real men do their best - every day.

Real men don't argue about what needs to be done. They set their sights on a goal and do their best to achieve it. When you're in a relationship with the right man, you can be sure that he'll do everything he can for you - because he simply doesn't know any other way.

Real men only pay attention to one person, thing or situation at a time. They don't check their phone on dates.

Real men pay attention to what's in front of them. If it's time to eat, they eat. If it's time to listen, they listen. If it's time to talk, they talk. They have a surprisingly simple way of life - and it works.

Real men do their best - every day.
Real men do their best - every day.

Real men take responsibility for their actions.

Real men are not perfect princes on a white horse, but they know what matters most in life! They are people of values, they know how to be positive, do good deeds, when they make a mistake, apologize, if possible, correct it and never do it again. Real men are men who know how to answer for themselves!

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