How do I protect my iPhone like a pro? Protecting your iPhone so that it will always be like new!

How do I protect my iPhone from damage?

Kako zaščitim iPhone
Photo: Jan Macarol

There is no room for compromise when it comes to protecting your iPhone. In today's world where technology has become our daily companion, it is vital that we learn how to effectively protect our precious devices. In this article, I'll reveal how I turned my iPhone 15 Pro Max into an almost indestructible beast and how you can do it too.

In the age of advanced technology, where the smartphone has become an indispensable companion in our everyday life, choosing the right device is crucial. Among the multitude of options, the iPhone 15 stands out, attracting the attention of users worldwide with its innovations and capabilities. With a starting price of around 1,200 EUR for the basic model, and going up to 1,600 EUR and more for the Pro Max version, the iPhone 15 represents a significant investment. However, it's not enough to just pick a premium phone; it is also important to adequately protect this investment. So how do you ensure that your new iPhone 15 will safely accompany you on your daily adventures? In this article, we will reveal how you can protect your precious phone like a true professional.

Why the iPhone 15 Pro Max is the ideal choice for me

Let's start with the basics. My recent decision for the iPhone 15 Pro Max was not accidental. This model is popular among video producers due to its exceptional stabilization and superior video recording performance. Its ability to approach (zoom) is now comparable to Samsung's flagship models, which is a big plus.

In addition, the iPhone 15 Pro Max brings revolutionary camera technology. It is equipped with a triple camera that includes an ultra-high-resolution main sensor, an ultra-wide-angle lens, and a telephoto lens, allowing for exceptional shooting versatility. The new sensor enables better light capture, which means exceptional video quality even in poor lighting conditions. You can record video in 4K resolution at 60 frames per second, which ensures smooth and professional-looking footage.

The advanced ProMotion image stabilization technology enables extremely stable footage, which is crucial when shooting in motion or when shooting handheld without the use of tripods. This technology, together with advanced image processing algorithms, ensures that your footage is always sharp and shake-free, regardless of the circumstances.

In addition to video performance, the iPhone 15 Pro Max also includes a premium OLED display that offers exceptional clarity and color accuracy, which is especially important when editing videos. The phone also offers exceptional battery life, allowing for long-term recording without the need for frequent charging.

With all these features, the iPhone 15 Pro Max is not only a great choice for professional video producers, but also for videography enthusiasts who want to capture every moment of their life with exceptional quality.

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Longevity and retention of heat

The iPhone is not just a phone in our family; it is a treasure that is passed down from generation to generation. Almost like a family gold coin. The average lifespan of an iPhone in our family is seven years, which is impressive and speaks to its durability and value retention.

Screen Protection: Torras Glass

When choosing a screen protector, I decided on Torras Glass. This reliable screen protector has not only saved many screens, but even survived an incident where I accidentally drove a car over my phone. You can find links to the product in the description.

Torras Glass is the ideal choice for protecting your iPhone 15, as it offers a range of key features. It is an indestructible tempered screen protector that provides exceptional strength with a 9H rating on the hardness scale. This means that it is extremely resistant to scratches and shocks, ensuring that your phone will be safe from everyday dangers. In addition, its design makes installation easy and bubble-free, ensuring that your display will always look flawless.

In addition to its strength, Torras Glass is known for maintaining a high level of transparency and touch sensitivity, meaning that the screen protector will not affect your user experience. It's also customizable for a variety of iPhone 15 models, including the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max, allowing you to choose the exact size and shape that fits your phone.

Considering these features, Torras Glass is not only a protector for your screen, but also an investment in the long-term preservation of the appearance and functionality of your iPhone. By purchasing this protector, you'll ensure your phone stays in tip-top shape no matter what life throws at you.

Purchase of TORRAS protective glasses

Reduced by 3,00 EUR

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Lens Protection: Spigen EZ FIT Optik Pro

How do I protect my iPhone?
Photo: Jan Macarol

Since I also use my phone as a backup camera, lens protection is crucial. Spigen EZ FIT Optik pro not only protects against scratches, but also reduces glare - indispensable for quality photography.

This lens protector is made of 9H tempered glass, which ensures exceptional strength and scratch resistance. An EZ Fit tray is also included for precise and easy installation. In addition, it has an oleophobic coating that reduces fingerprints and keeps your lens clean. The Spigen EZ FIT Optik Pro is compatible with all Spigen cases for the iPhone 14 and 15 series, providing comprehensive protection for your phone. At the same time, it does not disturb the covers of other callers, as it is really minimal and does not change the appearance of the phone. Lens protector Spigen EZ FIT Optik Pro it is not only robust and durable, but also preserves the original quality of photos by not affecting clarity or causing flash reflections. This means that you can enjoy the original quality of your photos, while at the same time you can be sure that your lens is protected from everyday hazards.

Without protection, despite the user's care, photos become cloudy and blurry after a while. Microscratches on the glass cause the jesnots of the photos to fall and we ourselves start looking towards the new phone without excessive need.

Buying your iPhone's camera lens protection

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Case: Peak Design Mobile - an ecosystem around the basic phone case

Last but not least is the Peak Design cover. It is a system that allows the connection of various accessories - from bike racks to wallets and chargers. It's not just a cover; it's a versatile tool.

The Peak Design Mobile case is more than just protection for your phone. This innovative system allows you to connect a variety of accessories that turn your phone into a multipurpose tool. The system includes racks useful for cyclists, practical wallets and chargers. Accessories such as magnetic mounts, straps for carrying the phone around the neck or over the shoulder, and car mounts also increase the functionality of your phone. Peak Design Mobile thus offers a comprehensive solution for everyday use and adventures, where your phone is always close at hand and protected.

Peak Design Mobile - Case and Protection System

Peak Design Mobile Everyday Hülle iPhone 14 Pro -...
Peak Design Mobile Everyday Hülle iPhone 14 Pro -...
2.4 mm superdünnes Profile; Ein Gummipuffer, der Stöße und Schlage roundum absorbiert;...
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Peak Design Mobiler kabelloser Ladeständer – Schwarz
Peak Design Mobiler kabelloser Ladeständer – Schwarz
Ultra-Premium Construction from massive anodized aluminum; Griffige Silikon-Fußpolster
94,42 EUR Amazon Prime

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Photo: Jan Macarol

With proper protection and care, your iPhone can become a long-term investment and valuable companion. I hope these tips help you keep your iPhone in top condition and get the most out of its capabilities.

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