How easy is it to switch banks?

Do you think your bank's services are too expensive? Perhaps you are not satisfied with the attitude of bank employees? Are you deciding to take out a loan and are therefore interested in the offer of other banks? If you answered yes to at least one question, you are a good candidate for switching banks. Usually, we are all in a dilemma when we start thinking about changing banks, because we are overcome by the fear of possible complications and loss of time.

Fortunately, the days when switching banks were complicated are long gone, as the switching process is simple and fast, so you can arrange the transfer of business with only one (new) bank. On the other hand, you can also save several hundred euros per year. As an interesting point, we can point out that it is a magazine My Finances for the 11th year successively checked which bank is the most favorable. When choosing, they took into account the basic basket of banking services, deposit, residential and consumer credit. Among 15 banks, this is the title Nova KBM was named the most favorable bank in 2019.

Consider all factors before making a decision

Do not decide to switch banks based only on the promotional offer of another bank, but consider all key factors. If you decide to switch because more favorable credit, also take into account the monthly costs of maintaining the account and other fees - for the payment of direct debits, standing orders, the use of online and mobile banking, payment cards and other services you use. At choosing an account and especially a package consider whether you really need the included services.

It doesn't matter if you can try without obligation

She went one step further when changing the bank New KBM. Since the bank is aware that service users are careful and deliberate, they have already offered them a Complete Package some time ago, which can 90 days trial for free. It sounds unbelievable, but it's true! New KBM and her You can use the Kit package free of charge for 3 months and if you like their service after this period, decide to switch banks. Otherwise, you can still stay with your old bank. In short, it doesn't matter if you can try without obligation.  After a trial period of three months, the Complete Package will cost you only 4.99 EUR per month.

Try the services of Nova KBM and their Complete Package for 90 days for free.
Try the services of Nova KBM and their Complete Package for 90 days for free.

Package Kit includes:

  • Unlimited withdrawals in EUR at all ATMs in Slovenia and the EU.
  • Usage online and mobile banks.
  • Unlimited number of payments in EUR in online and mobile banking.
  • Account overdraft (limit) no approval costs.
  • Security SMS notification for a VISA debit card.
  • Account management with VISA debit card.

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