How to find a lost phone?

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Unfortunately, most of us have already found ourselves in a situation where we can't find our phone? One moment you're texting or surfing the web, and the next you can't find your phone. How to find a lost phone?

In a BDG Studios/OnePoll survey, we asked 1,000 members of Generation Z in the United States about their smartphone habits. It turns out that they do 14 % misses his phone every day and they leave it everywhere, from "in and around the toilet" as well as "under the dog".

Weird places people lose their phones

More than 100 respondents left their phones in the fridge or freezer, and about eight respondents left them on top of, around or under their car.

I was gardening once and accidentally left my phone in the garden next to the tomatoes... It took several days and several searches before I found it and started laughing at myself.
– research participant

It's a good idea to protect data and keep backups in the cloud against potential gardening mishaps. However, even if your phone is "buried in the sand on a beach in Mexico" it doesn't mean all is lost.

How to find a lost phone?

Activate the function Find My Mobile Samsung Galaxy. The free service allows the phone to ring at maximum volume to make it easier to find, and you can also remotely lock the phone's screen so your privacy is protected no matter where the phone is.
While you might still lose your phone, at least you can relax knowing it's safe.

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