Goodnights: a new mobile application for fairy tales

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More than 150 carefully prepared Midsummer Night's Tales, which A1 Slovenia has been creating for the seventh year with the help of experts, famous writers, illustrators and storytellers, have come to life in the form of a mobile application for fairy tales. For parents who recommend popular audio fairy tales for sleep, entertainment and education, the application enables selection of favorite content, creation of lists, tracking of popular authors and other convenient functionalities. Meanwhile, the creators are already preparing a new series of educational fairy tales, which will be released in the fall.

Why mobile fairy tale app? Fairy tales are an indispensable way for children to learn about the world, they play an important role in learning and are often an initiative for conversation with peers, parents, educators and other adults. For the seventh year, A1 Slovenia enriches the usual routine of telling fairy tales with useful knowledge and skills. Over the years, audio fairy tales have become dear to the hearts of Slovenian families, who have played them more than 2.5 million times to date. In addition to users, the project also impressed many expert juries and received over 70 domestic and international awards.

Photo: envato

Mobile application for fairy tales

Parents, educators and other users can do Good night now they can access it quickly and easily, with the help of a transparent mobile application. The new application allows users to select their favorite fairy tales, follow their favorite authors or storytellers and create lists of fairy tales for different occasions and for each child individually. The added value of the application is a set of high-quality free content, such as speech therapy exercises for difficult-to-pronounce sounds and a dictionary of basic phrases in foreign languages that children encounter in kindergartens and schools. In addition to audio, each fairy tale is also available in text format, so you can still read it to your child yourself.

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Big themes adapted for little ears

Over the years, audio fairy tales have grown from broader social themes, such as the promotion of intergenerational cooperation and the inclusion of elderly people from homes for the elderly as storytellers and highlighting the importance of local writers and illustrators, into development-oriented and didactic series of fairy tales on current topics with which they meet children as they grow up, and they provide parents and educators with a starting point for talking with them. Series of educational tales about peer violence, children's fears, relationships, emotions and others are created in collaboration with various experts: psychologist M.Sc. Mateja Štirn, speech therapist Monika Rataj, prof. defectology, deaf pedagogue-speech teacher, assoc. prof. dr. Barbara Baloh from the Faculty of Pedagogy of the University of Primorsko and experts in language learning at Pionirski dom - Center for Youth Culture.

Goodnights on the mobile application

Nine series of fairy tales, written especially for Lakhnočnice, are the work of many well-known local writers, such as Žiga X Gombač, Boštjan Gorenc – Pajama, Nina Mav Hrovat, Tomo Kočar and others, narrated to children by the velvety voices of legendary drama actors such as Milena Zupančič, Jurij Souček, Boris Cavazza, Janez Hočevar and others. In total, Lakhnočnice is created by 17 writers, 16 illustrators, 42 storytellers of the older generation and many other collaborators.

The app is available in stores App Store, Google Play and App Gallery.

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