How to pan-fry fish: the trick to keep your fish from sticking to the pan ever again

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Baking fish can be a real stress, especially if they keep sticking to your pan. How to fry fish in a pan?

In preparation fish we often face the problem that the fish sticks to the bottom of the pan and falls apart during baking. How fry the fish in a pan?

To prevent this, you only need one thing. Which one? Salt!

Photo: envato


Why do fish stick to the pan?

Fish often stick to the bottom of the pan due to the protein content in the fish flesh, which sticks to the hot surface of the pan during cooking. This causes the fish to stick and fall apart when you try to flip it, leading to an unpleasant cooking experience.

How to fry fish in a pan without it sticking to the pan?

One of the simplest methods is the use of salt. The process is easy. First, heat a pan to a moderate temperature. It is important that the pan is not too hot so that the salt does not burn and the fish does not stick.

Once the pan is hot, sprinkle salt over the bottom of the pan. Be sure to spread the salt evenly throughout the pan. You don't need a lot of salt, spread it nicely over the entire surface.

Add the fish. It is not necessary to salt them before adding them to the pan, as the salt you added to the bottom will be enough to add flavor.

Make baking fish enjoyable. Photo: Pixabay

Why does it work?

The salt creates a thin layer that prevents direct contact between the fish and the surface of the pan. This reduces the possibility of sticking and allows the fish to cook evenly without any problems.

Additional tips for successfully grilling fish

Make sure the pan is heated to moderate temperature, before adding the fish. Too high a temperature can cause the salt to burn and add an unpleasant taste. Do not overdo it with salt. Use only a moderate amount of salt to avoid excessive saltiness. When frying fish, occasionally gently turn with pliers. Too much rough handling can cause them to fall apart.

By adding salt to the bottom of the pan, you can create a protective layer that prevents the fish from sticking and ensures that they are cooked perfectly.

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