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When it comes to finding the right flights, for most, price can be the most important factor. Unfortunately, there is no answer to the question of when the ticket will be the cheapest and cheapest. With a little effort and more flexibility and certain tricks, you can ensure a cheaper purchase of airline tickets.

Search cheap plane tickets is real art. That's why the late tips will come in handy, how to get the most affordable airline tickets!

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1. Merge multiple airlines

Airlines around the world work on a complex schedule that is constantly changing. But sometimes you can save some money with by combining flights of different carriers. Of course, it all depends on where you are traveling to, because you may also be traveling for a long time. However, this way you can save a few euros. One of the best places to look is the platform Kiwi, which gives you a number of options from which you can choose the price and the starting and ending location. The search engine will show you the cheapest offers from several airlines according to all your criteria.

2. See several destinations in one trip

One way to add more value to your trip is to turn your stopover into a longer but still fairly short stay. If you still have to connect two flights to get to your chosen destination, why not take advantage of it and see the city and sights where you have a connecting flight? It is important that your flight is located in places that allow this option.

3. Wait for the right moment

The final price of the flight also depends on how much you have booked before the ticket. To find the best deals on airline tickets, you need to be flexible on travel dates and not be tied to a location. In the airline industry, there are so-called "blackout dates" where airline tickets are the most expensive because demand is higher - New Year, Christmas, the peak of the summer season. So be very flexible and try to travel to locations and pick dates when most people don't travel.

4. Flight search

Skyscanner and Google Flights the best search engines for cheap flights allow you they inform about the fluctuation prices for the selected route. So you can use the moment to book a flight when the prices start to drop.

Airlines often offer deals and discounts on flights for a variety of reasons; attracting customers, filling flights, etc. One site that is very impressive in this regard is Scott's Free Flights, which allows him to find the best offer for the selected destination.

5. Choose other destinations

Flexibility is one of the best ways to get cheaper airfare deals. This applies to both destinations and travel days. But you also have to choose by alternative way, which means thinking about visiting the destination you have for budget. There is a great online search engine for this Kayak.

6. Follow promotions

There are internet portals that only deal with airline ticket promotions, so-called "error fare" offers. This is the case when the airline offers incredibly low prices for certain flights. Many travel addicts and seasoned travelers wait for such opportunities to book cheap flights to other parts of the world. Some of the sites where you will find the best airline deals and promotions are Fly4Free, Flynous and Secret Flying.

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