How to get rid of annoying wasps in a friendly way? #trick

How to get rid of wasps in a friendly way?

Did you also get the feeling that wasps are particularly annoying this year? This has driven many people indoors instead of enjoying breakfast in the garden, balcony or terrace. Many people don't let it bother them, but the fact is that pimples can be very uncomfortable and even dangerous for some. So how do we get rid of annoying wasps? Simple. All we need is a brown paper bag, some old newspaper and some tape or string.

The wasps won't let us enjoy food and drink outdoors in peace this year either. But there is an easy way, how to get rid of annoying wasps. When wasps notice another wasp, they avoid that area because they don't want to come into conflict with the local "clan". You can bring this fact to your mill by saying that from brown paper bags (could be a bin bag), duct tape or rope and some old newspaper/advertising paper you make a replica of osier.

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Are you familiar with such scenes at picnics?
Are you familiar with such scenes at picnics?

Fill the bag with crumpled paper, yo shape into a ball, crush it so that it imitates the texture of osier as much as possible and glue or tie it on top. A copy of the orphan hang where you don't want wasps to bother you. And the wolf is full and the wasp is whole.

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