How to spot a liar: 5 ways to tell if someone is lying

Photo: Apostolos Vamvouras / Unsplash

Many times we would like to have a special power with which we could always know if a close person is lying, but this is not possible. But you can use certain methods, which we will present below.

Although lies are not desirable, they are almost always present. Some lies are small and harmless and concern some insignificant little things in life, or big ones that create complete chaos in life.

You can recognize them by a certain way of behavior that is characteristic of a person who hides the truth!

1. The person who lies is never mentioned

You will recognize a person who is lying about a certain situation or thing by constantly avoiding mentioning - yourself - in the story they are telling you. A liar always impersonates other people in order to defend himself.


Ask yourself how the person telling you the truth knows what the truth is if they haven't witnessed the situation.

2. The explanations of the one who lies are very simple

When someone is lying to you, they will never go into detail about the situation they are talking about, for fear that if they elaborate, i.e. lie, they would be wrong and some parts of the story would not add up. So if you notice someone giving you short explanations for certain situations that interest you, know that they are lying. If he doesn't mention himself in the story, you have another sure sign that the person is not being honest with you.

3. Those who lie express a negative attitude

Liars usually express a very negative attitude when they lie, in a very noisy way, because they subconsciously feel guilty about their own lies, but also to sound more convincing. For example, if the person you need to meet is quite late, their excuse for this will probably be full of curses and complaints about traffic jams. The one who does not lie to you will tell you the same in a calm tone, because he realizes that he could not influence the delay and that he is not to blame for the delay.


4. Discovering the truth - the method of asking questions

There is a simple method developed by a former FBI behavioral analyst, the method of identifying false statements. It is based on a very simple technique, when you talk to the person you want to check if they are telling the truth, you have to ask a question to which you already know the answer or make a statement that has little to do with the topic you want to investigate.


You may ask the wrong question ie. a question or statement that you know is a lie, and if the person agrees with you and says yes, you'll know they're lying because you lied too.

5. Discovering the truth - observing the eyes

To tell if a person is lying to you, watch their eyes when they are talking to you. If the person you are talking to is lying, he will not be able to look you in the eye, but will constantly look away from you and follow the eyes of people around or some things that are irrelevant to your conversation.

If the interlocutor's pupils are small, this is an indication that he is telling the truth!

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