How to recognize a person who is secretly jealous of you?!

She is sickly jealous!

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How do you recognize a person who is jealous?! Such jealous people can do you the most harm.

Can you recognize a person who is jealous of you? This is very important! This is the only way you can prevent the damage that such a person will do to you. 

The feeling of happiness we experience when we achieve our goals is indescribable and Mrs nothing in the world can replace it. Smiling faces of close people usually make us even more make them happy, because we know that we have also fulfilled theirs expectations. And life wouldn't be so complicated if there weren't also people on the other side who are trying their hardest to ruined our happiness, and they even throw at us logs underfoot.

Things get even more complicated if we believe that a certain person wishes us well, but in reality he hopes to see tears of happiness on our cheeks. That's when our heart breaks into a thousand pieces, and the only question is whether it does we will manage to pick it up someday.

Experts say that jealous people suffer from inferiority complex and tend to covet the things that others have. All of us have felt jealousy at some point, but most of us are able to control it and move on with our lives. Well, this cannot be said for every person.

This is how a person who is secretly jealous of you behaves:

1. He imitates you

A person who is jealous of your career, your relationship, the clothes you wear, the car you drive will do everything in their power to have everything you have. She will go to the extreme of imitating you.
Oscar Wilde once said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but sometimes things get overwhelming and it's hard to accept someone persistently stealing your ideas.

Instead of being mad at her, try to help her find her own personality and things that make her happy. Teach her that she needs to be herself if she wants to succeed.

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2. He gives you false praise

A jealous person will act like they respect you, and the moment you turn your back, they will start slandering you.
Advice: Even if you are hurt, angry and the person gets on your nerves, don't stoop to their level. Appreciate your success and all that you have achieved.

3. He belittles your success

Don't be surprised if the person repeatedly tries to diminish the value of your success. You know, it's nothing special.
Advice: Remember that there is no point in trying to convince such a person otherwise, because he will stand his ground.

4. He longs to make a mistake

If you make a mistake, the jealous person will be smart about telling you that your idea sucks. Even bizarre mistakes will make her happy and satisfied.
Advice: Don't let the words touch you in any way. If you are on the right path, nothing in this world will stop you.

5. In their eyes, you are a competitor

Even if you are not really competing with anyone, a jealous person will compete with you. But it's not about healthy competition, it's about proving that you can do things better than you can. She wants to prove that she is superior.
Advice: Don't let her provocations throw you off track. Since this is not a healthy competition, you can also expect the person to use dirty tactics to destroy you.

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6. She will give you “tips”

A jealous person will deliberately share advice that can be proven to destroy you. She will act like she wants you well, but with her advice she will hope to see you down.
Advice: Pay attention to her words, because she is usually good at manipulation and can influence your brain so much that you even start to believe her. She will force you to listen to her.

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