Prince Harry: Spare - when is the book out and where to buy it?

Where to buy this controversial book!

Photo: Spare / Harry

Prince Harry's much-anticipated autobiography will be released on January 10, 2023. We also have information for you on where you can buy it!

Spare is Harry's side of the story about his life in the royal family. The autobiography, which takes us on a journey through his life, begins in the days surrounding the death of his mother, Princess Diana. It was one of the most poignant images of the twentieth century: two young boys, two princes, walking behind their mother's coffin while the world looked on in grief—and in horror. When Diana, Princess of Wales was laid to rest, billions of people wondered what the princes were thinking and feeling - and how their lives would unfold from that point forward.

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According to the rumors before the book's release, its release will be a real bombshell for the royal family. In it, Harry mainly dealt with his father, King Charles, and his brother, Prince William. The book will be published exactly 3 years after Prince Harry and Meghan officially stepped down from the British royal family on January 8, 2022.

If you want to find out how Harry experienced life behind the closed doors of the British royal family, you can order the book today Prince Harry: Spare on Amazon.

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