How can you reduce your electricity bill when doing laundry?

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Did you know that if everyone washed at 30 degrees, they would reduce even 60 % of CO2 emissions?

There are many reasons why more and more experts recommend washing at lower temperatures. They see the advantage in low energy consumption – if you lower the temperature from 40 to 30 degrees, you reduce 38 % of CO2 emissions – and thus save on energy.

Cold washing will not only thank you for the environment, but also your wallet! According to experts, ten degrees less in the washing machine means eight cents more in the wallet. So if you wash at 30 instead of 60 degrees, you can save up to 24 cents per wash.

According to experts there are exceptions, when the laundry definitely needs to be washed at higher temperatures. For example, if a family member is sick.

Washing at 60 degrees also removes the so-called biofilm, which can cause an unpleasant smell in the washing machine. Once a month, the laundry should therefore be washed at the highest temperature.

Wash at a lower temperature. Photo: Rodnae Productions / Pexels

Otherwise, the rule applies: colder is better. Even the 20-degree programs that some machines have can be used without any problems.

How important is the length of the wash cycle?

And here the expert has clear advice - washing at high temperatures and in a short program is useless. Temperature has the biggest share in the ecological footprint. A short wash cycle is still recommended. For more stubborn stains, you can leave the laundry in the drum a little longer.

Proper filling of the drum is also important. If there is too much laundry, the clothes can no longer move properly and, in the worst case, they are not optimally cleaned.

A palm-width space should be left between the laundry and the door of the drum. Then the filling level is correct and nothing stands in the way of economical but effective washing.

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