Hypnos Hoodie: a hooded sweatshirt that becomes a sleeping pillow

Hypnos Hoodie - a shirt with an inflatable pillow

Hypnos Hoodie is a hoodie with an inflatable hood that becomes a pillow for sleeping or resting. It is comfortable, fashionable, practical and created for those who are on the road a lot, who drive a lot and far and for everyone who likes to use every opportunity to rest. When the hood is inflated, it becomes an ergonomic pillow on which to rest your head, so that you can rest comfortably and with quality anywhere and anytime on the road.

Hypnos Hoodie she is fashionable jopa with an inflatable hood that imperceptibly becomes a pillow for sleeping. It is integrated inside airbag. You've probably already found yourself in a situation where you wanted to close your eyes (on a bus, train, etc.), but you couldn't find a comfortable position. The Hypnos Hoodie with an inflatable hood allows you to get quality rest wherever you are and is a great alternative to an inflatable neck brace.

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Under a hooded jacket that turns into a pillow and looks exactly like your favorite hoodie on the outside, he signed Josh Woodley from Los Angeles. It does not change the appearance even when it puffs up, as the hood is large enough to cleverly cover it up. The Hypnos Hoodie turns the hood into a pillow in 3 seconds, and it takes just as long to become just a hood again. It is available in three colors and you can already pre-order it on Kickstarter for (calculated) 45 euros.







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