Angela Clayton: dresses like from Disney fairy tales

Fairytale Dresses by Angela Clayton

18-year-old Angela Clayton is a self-made seamstress who sews dresses like from Disney fairy tales! A young costume designer from New York sewed her first outfit three years ago when she was drawn to cosplay conventions. Until today, the love for them has cooled down a bit, but in the meantime, the love for sewing and creating dresses with an original design flared up. Her works take up to 250 hours, and once Clayton used as much as 11 meters of fabric for the creation!

Dresses like from Disney fairy tales and from Renaissance paintings are the work of 18-year-olds Angela Clayton, who wants to produce in the future costumes for films and theater performances. So much so that, as she says herself, she would immediately leave school if given the chance. She absolutely loves fashion and costume design from the past, and she has taken her love for them so far that today she makes her own historical dresses, fit for the royal staff or Cinderella, with whom this queen would dance without the help of the good fairies. When Angela finishes the dress, she puts it on, styles herself after the person who inspired her, and takes a picture a series of aesthetic photographs.

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Angela Clayton also draws inspiration from the Renaissance.
Angela Clayton also draws inspiration from the Renaissance.

Angela Clayton is passionate desire to sew discovered three years ago. She is a complete self-taught person, and she learned her craft with the help of the Internet and the method of practicing the work of a master. The whole thing ignited an interest in cosplay, because through it she could express her love for creation, make-up, photography and dressing.

Dresses like from Disney fairy tales:

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