If music makes your skin crawl, then your brain is something special

Do you ever get goosebumps when listening to a certain song or part of it? Or do you get goosebumps with a nice melody, powerful drumming and similar sounds? If yes, then you are fine. To start. But your brain is a little special in this case. That is what the scientists claim.

Frisson is an English term that scientists use when they want to describe a special feeling when listening to music.

We call it that trembling. Matthew E. Sachs is a student in the doctoral program at the University of Southern California and is engaged in by researching the effect of music on the functioning of the brain. He did research on twenty students, half of whom claimed to their skin crawls when listening to music. And what did he find? That the brains of those ten who shudder at sounds have significantly more nerve connections during the acoustic area (sensory part) and prefrontal (higher nervous system activity) areas of the cerebral cortex. To put it simply, these people feel and feel more intensely. Because of these findings, Sachs decided to continue his research, as he is convinced that it is not music in general that causes us such feelings, but certain parts of the compositions or just some a sound that reminds us of a certain person or a moment from life.

Sachs also notes that his findings and findings could help k treatment of diseases, such as depression and other mental disorders. How nice it would be if you could heal yourself by listening to music.

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