Il Sereno Lago di Como: the hidden gem of Lake Como

Luxury in the shelter of nature: Il Sereno, where tradition meets modernity

Photo: patriciaurquiola & Booking.com
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When you write a story about two happy lovers, the scene should be on the shores of Lake Como." The words of the 19th century composer Franz Liszt still resonate with a special reality when you cross the threshold of the Hotel Il Sereno Lago di Como. A visit to this extraordinary haven of luxury that is all its own opened its doors in 2016, it is like a journey through time, where unspoiled nature intertwines with clean lines of modern design.

Il Sereno Lago di Como it's not just a hotel, it's a destination that goes beyond the usual definition of luxury. It is surrounded by stunning panoramas and intimate privacy, offering each visitor a unique escape from everyday life.

Photo: patriciaurquiola & Booking.com
V Il Sereno Lago di Como every detail is thought out and intended to create a feeling of exclusivity and privacy. With only 40 suites, the hotel provides an authentic contact with tranquility and luxury. Each of the suites is designed to provide uninterrupted views of the lake through the floor-to-ceiling walls, and many also boast private terraces that offer intimate views of the picturesque surroundings.

Rooms at Il Sereno are more than just a place to sleep; are oases of peace, where every element is carefully selected to complement the feeling of relaxation and harmony. Modern furnishings, refined materials and subdued colors reflect the outdoor landscape, creating a seamless transition from exterior to interior.

The spa and wellness at Il Sereno are also exceptional, offering time for body and soul regeneration. Relaxing treatments and refreshing rituals take you on a journey where stress melts away at the sight of the calm lake surface.

Il Sereno is perfect for those looking for silence and retreat from the world, but with all the necessary luxury. It was designed by a renowned Milanese designer Patricia Urquiola, who combined the natural and historical environment of the lake into a harmonious whole with her work. Elegance and sophistication are the keywords that describe this intimate haven.

The highlight of the hotel visit is undoubtedly the infinity pool, which merges with the lake panorama and offers a genuine feeling of merging with nature. But if that hasn't convinced you yet, you should be charmed by the hospitality and care of the staff, who, with their attention to detail, ensure that every moment in Il Seren is something special.

Il Sereno Lago di Como reflects the new era of luxury hotels, where elegance is not shown off, but rather discreetly complements the environment in which it is located. If you are looking to disconnect from reality and immerse yourself in the embrace of luxury, without losing touch with nature, Il Sereno is the right choice for you.

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