Lady Gaga also sang in the movie Top Gun: Maverick

Lady Gaga - Hold My Hand

Photo: Karantania Cinemas

Well, it's finally here: at the end of May, we'll be able to see the long-awaited continuation of the Top Gun film franchise, titled Top Gun: Maverick, in cinemas. There will be no shortage of tension and action in the film, and you will also be able to enjoy wonderful music: the singer Lady Gaga provided a song that will be played during the closing credits.

Fans action movies are already looking forward to the continuation of the popular franchise Top Gun. The movie Top Gun: Maverick besides interesting stories and indescribable tension also promises musical pleasures. Popular singer and Oscar winner Lady Gaga has provided a wonderful song that will be played during check-out peak. The singer marked the song as "love letter to the world", with which she wrote that she was not aware of it at first multifacetedness, which stretched across the heart of the film, her own psyche and the nature of the world we live in.

She worked on the composition for several years, and her goal was express feelings, which are known to each of us: the desire to were understood and that they would understood people who surround us. Several composers participated in the creation of the piece, among them Harold Faltermeyer, an Oscar winner Hans Zimmer and Lorne Balfe, who also helped create the music for the film Mission: Impossible - Fallout.
The singer has already shared the song with her friends social networks.

When will we be able to listen to the song on large canvases? Top Gun: Maverick is coming to Slovenian cinemas May 26, and fans will be able to admire again after 36 years in the lead role Tom Cruise.
The actor acts in a role of Captain Maverick, who after 30 years of successful service as a pilot is returning to the elite military aviation school. There as brave test pilot tests the limits and skillfully evading advancement in a rank that would ground him. It's his job training graduates for specialized mission, the likes of which no pilot has ever seen, whereupon he encounters the son of his late friend. Faced with uncertain future and with ghosts from the past Maverick must deal with his own on a mission deepest fears.
In addition to Cruise, we will also be able to watch other famous actors in the main roles, such as Jennifer Connelly, Ed Harris, Jon Hamm, Miles Teller, Glen Powell, Lewis Pullman and Val Kilmer. He directed the film Joseph Kosinski, and they wrote the script Ehren Kruger, Eric Warren Singer and Christopher McQuarrie.

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