Jazz Club Ljubljana castle: Klemen Slakonja feat. DJ Pier & Small band

Dramatic actor and famous impersonator Klemen Slakonja will once again try his hand as a singer, and you will be able to hear him on October 19 at 9:00 pm at Jazz Club Ljubljanski grad.

Important information
Rock Hall, Ljubljana Castle
Facebook event
Entrance fee
14,00 €

Klemen Slakonja this time will be in Jazz Club Ljubljana Castle sang some of his video hits and some more famous foreign hits. He will drop the dies on him DJ Pier. He will lay the chords for him Igor Leonardi. He will add salt in between. He will count down the rhythm and hold him like a nail Janez Gabric. He will try hard on the bass Tadej Kampl. If Klemno manages to learn another chord before the concert, he will also strum on the guitar.

You are welcome!

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