Karma-Revero: the mythological resurrection of one of the boldest cars of all time

Karma Revero 2017

The Karma-Fisker was definitely a crowd pleaser and gained millions of fans around the world. When his story ended in 2014 due to the bankruptcy of the company, the automotive world was very disappointed. Its uniqueness was represented by an extravagant design and a drive that was always electric. The car solved the range problem by using a 260-horsepower GM engine to generate electricity. Quite similar to the Chevy Volt (Opel Ampera), but on a different level. The Chinese and their capital helped the phoenix rise from the ashes. They intend to create a new successful automotive story at the Fisker-Karma site.

So Karma-Revero still uses GMs 260-horsepower engine, which generates electricity that drives electric motors. They can start the car from 0 to 100 km/h in a pinch 5.4 seconds, which is slightly better than the old model. The battery is also better, which enables electric autonomy of up to 80 kilometers, i.e. an improvement of as much as 30 kilometers.

A distinctive car ... that has its own circle of fans.
A distinctive car ... that has its own circle of fans.

This figure is really sufficient for most of the daily needs of the average driver. The electronics of the new model were developed in cooperation with BMW-I eat, which is great, because BMW has really been making great strides in this area in recent years. The new Karma will allow fast charging of batteries, which is actually a logical step. This means that it will charge the battery for the range 80 kilometers only lasted a few minutes on fast chargers. An interesting fact Karma has always been the roof, on which there are solar collectors, which on a daily basis collect as much as 2.4 kilometers of electricity.

The car has also undergone quite a few changes inside, where everything is characterized by new technologies and connectivity. Otherwise, Karma has not changed drastically here.

Karma Revero 2017
Karma Revero 2017

With the improvements, the price of the Karma has not decreased, but rather increased substantially, as the basic one will cost around 130,000 US dollars. But with this car, even in the past, price was not an important factor. It was driven by celebrities like him Justin Bieber, and we believe that it will win back its circle of fans, where the price does not influence the purchase decision.

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