Liska's color palette

Each line of underwear from the brand Lisca tells its own color-inspired story. The Lisca Fashion women's line is sensual and seductive, with details such as romantic embroidery and soft pastel colors of trumpets, sweet almonds and hazelnuts. Lisca laundry line...

Any of the underwear lines
brand Lisca tells
yours inspired by colors
the story. Lisca Fashion women's line
is sensual and seductive, with details,
such as romantic embroidery, and v
the colors of soft pastel trumpets,
sweet almonds and hazelnuts. Line
Lisca Selection linen is bold and
at the same time sophisticated. It awakens in a woman
movie diva or attractive femme fatale.
It combines innocent pink shades
with mysterious and seductive
black, transparent materials and satin
in soft sweet peach color, metallic
crystal and pleated details
strip. The line finds its inspiration in stripes
men's clothes with an accessory
sheer French lace skillfully
transforms into sensuous feminine lingerie.
For fashionable flirts, there is linen
Cheek by Lisca bloomed in the spring
flowers and strong colors,
such as sea turquoise and
sunny yellow. Various small things
bows, colorful bow ties, frills
and frills add a mischievous touch
of circus adventures that are created
for a romantic stroll.
The Cheek line also flirts
with a calmer nature and his laundry
colors in calm, gentle tones
sand color. Pieces of the bottom
laundry can be played
the ladies are also combined this time
with selected models of sleepwear
program, in your favorite
the sample wanders all day and dreams
all night. It goes on sale in July
shelves of the Flow brand laundry series
Inspired by Cheek by Lisca
traditional colorful geisha clothing
and the glamorous thirties. Laundry
is made of shiny material,
decorated with lace, complement it
soft details. The color palette ranges
from chocolate brown to light
turquoise with cute accessories
pink bubbles. The Flow series connects
east and west, the past
and the present and yearns for dynamic,
but a calm spirit. •

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