INGREDIENTS: 1/2 l of sweet cream, 3 spoons of sugar, 1 stick of vanilla, 3 sheets of gelatin, 1 pomegranate, 1 spoon of ground sugar, 1 small spoon of vodka.

1/2 l of sweet cream
3 spoons of sugar
1 stick of vanilla
3 sheets of gelatin
1 pomegranate
1 tablespoon of ground sugar
1 small spoon of vodka
Sweet cream with sugar and
cover the vanilla, set aside,
add gelatin and before the mixture
cool, pour into suitable containers
glasses. Pomegranate
we hollow out. Half the seeds gently
mash with a fork and add to them
ground sugar and vodka. Pour over
sprinkle over the panna cotta and on top
remaining, uncrushed grains.

The recipe was prepared in the restaurant Angel - Kaval Group

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