London's black cab will finally use the Uber service

Londonski črni taksi
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London's black cab has succumbed to progress! The world of transportation is about to undergo a revolutionary change. Uber, a pioneer in the ride-sharing world, is announcing a surprising partnership with London's iconic black cabs. What does this mean for Londoners and the future of public transport?

London, the city known for its iconic black cabs, is about to undergo historic change. Uber, the globally renowned ride-sharing company, has announced that it will open its platform to London's black taxi drivers early next year​​. This move can be characterized as a dramatic turn in the relationship between Uber and traditional taxi drivers, who have been at odds for many years. London's black taxi has succumbed to progress!

The history of the relationship between Uber and London's black cabs has been quite strained. Uber arrived in London in 2012, and its fast-growing business quickly became a thorn in the side of traditional taxi drivers​​. Although London's black cabs are already available through other apps such as Gett, Taxiapp, FreeNow and ComCab, Uber's decision to include these iconic cabs is groundbreaking​​.

Photo: envato elements
Ordering a taxi in London will now be easier.
This partnership represents an important step for Uber as it shows their flexibility and willingness to work with traditional transportation players. London passengers will thus have even more choice when ordering transport, which means greater competition and potentially better service for users.

It is important to emphasize that this partnership will benefit both parties. Black cabs will have access to a wider customer base through Uber's platform, which could mean more business opportunities for taxi drivers. At the same time, with this move, Uber will strengthen its presence in London and demonstrate its ability to adapt and participate in the changing transport market.

Uber's decision to partner with London's black cabs is more than just a business move; it is a symbol of the changing relationship between traditional and modern forms of transport. This partnership not only reflects Uber's flexibility and innovation, but also ushers in a new chapter in London's transport history

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