Love like at the beginning of a relationship: 5 things that will light a fire between you

Love like at the beginning of a relationship: 5 things that will light a fire between you

At the moment when we think that we have met our partner perfectly and know that there is no longer any enigma in the relationship, the passion also wanes a little. Even then, genuine love becomes the most important thing, passion still plays an important role. What to do to make love like it was at the beginning of the relationship?

The most common reason for which passion disappears between partners and they become sexually passive is alienation, which only increases with time, experts say. It often happens that one of the partners becomes critical and aggressive, while the other starts defend and distance.

Passion and sexuality are based on emotional intimacy and nearby, which in itself means that they will have to work in the field emotional connection. Experts say they should to listen another to another, talk and behave lovingly and respectfully.

The golden rule that bears fruit is talk about positive needs. By expressing positive needs, they will avoid it criticizing, I demand or complaining. Instead of telling each other what's wrong with you, focus on what can you do, to make things work.


Change the way you initiate sex.
Think about how you approach each other. They may be rude or criticize each other, creating feelings of guilt. You shouldn't feel like you're attacking each other because there's no passion between you. Play with your brain, which experiences more pleasure if it has to earn a reward. …

They change the way they initiate sex.
They change the way they initiate sex.

They hold hands more often.
Holding hands, hugging and touching are said to release oxytocin, which should make her relax, experts say. Physical proximity is said to limit stress hormones.

What do you two talk about in the bedroom?
Talking about chores, expenses, bills, work, or life problems in the bedroom will not awaken passion. You should devote time together to sex, otherwise you won't make a change, because arousal decreases if you are stressed or distracted, experts say.

Make sexuality your priority.
Passion will not only be returned through sex, but you must have knowledge of what things please you. Sex can be an opportunity to get to know each other better.

It is a blessing, but at the same time a curse, that many people see their partner as a friend, a colleague, an advisor... and the assignment of roles largely influences the fact that the relationship becomes more and more difficult. The priority in a relationship is love, so your partner plays the role of a person who loves you, you love her and there is passion between you, experts say. And this role should be the most important.

Make sexuality your priority.
Make sexuality your priority.

They grow together.
People believe that passion disappears because of routine. And why would you two believe that? Passion is part of our experience, which means it grows every day and changes over time. If you grow together, you will also rebuild your emotional bond together.

Dedication to personal growth is the driver for a passionate life. Every person wants to work with passion, live with passion, travel with passion... and why not love with passion? When you do other things with passion, passion will come into yours too!

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