Lucky days in March 2023 for every zodiac sign

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According to astrology, there are lucky - favorable and unfavorable periods for certain areas of life, which are different for each astrological sign. In addition, according to the position of the planets, we can determine the lucky days in a particular month.

Happy day. Everyone wants to feel luck in life, but sometimes such moods seem harder to achieve. According to astrology, certain planetary positions can make people feel better and happier. In March, due to the influence of the planets Pluto and Saturn, there will be changes for all signs.

Pluto is the lord of the underworld, the planet of transformation. When March 24 enters the sign of Aquarius, which is known for its innovation and rebellion, it will begin completely a new era that will last twenty years.

Saturn moved into the sign of Pisces on March 7, and as the lord of time and karma, he is ready to structure and reject excess.

Pluto brings freedom and separation from what limits us, so many will overcome their fear and believe in new ways. You planets they will bring the end of an era, but also truth, spirituality and lessons.

March is a very interesting month, so you can see below what it brings to each zodiac sign, as well as which day will be the most happy.

Aries: March 20 (Monday)

After the luckiest day in March, the reign of this sign begins. Those who belong to this sign can make decisions for change and make new choices. The beginning of the year was very interesting, but now is the time for personal development and new dimensions. Accept what has been and the happiness that comes with it.

Luck is on your side. Photo: Adria Garcia Sarceda / Unsplash

Taurus: March 23 (Thursday)

This will be a very interesting period as it marks the end of one era and the beginning of another. Pluto moves into Aquarius, bringing everything from darkness to light. When it leaves Capricorn, change will be felt, which means it's time to look forward and leave the past behind.

Gemini: March 23 (Thursday)

The energy of Aquarius governs the happiness in your life, and when Pluto enters this sign, you will feel the impact of the great waves that have accumulated over the years. On the other hand, Pluto, as the lord of the underworld, will help you penetrate deeper and understand, which will help you realize all your dreams.

Cancer: March 17 (Friday)

Saturn is the lord of time and karma and often spends two or three years in a particular zodiac sign before moving into another. After spending time in Aquarius, he moves to Pisces. This sign governs everything related to luck and represents faith and perseverance. This is a new chapter in your life that will be different from the past.

Leo: March 21 (Tuesday)

The New Moon on March 21 opens up the opportunity to develop a new personal cycle, and as this Moon waxes in Aries, you will be blessed with good fortune. Aries rules everything related to happiness in your life. The New Moon is the perfect time to start new things, so you can start making changes in love or career. It's time to move towards what you deserve.

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Virgo: March 17 (Friday)

Venus, the planet of love, finance and real estate, moves into the sign of Taurus, which rules your realm of happiness, expansion and adventure. This shift highlights the importance of creating a solid financial foundation in order to realize your dreams. This month, there will be important changes related to finances, small and large purchases and matters related to real estate, so focus your energy on positive changes in this area.

Libra: March 25 (Saturday)

Mars, the planet of action and ambition, was retrograde through the sign of Gemini, helping you to become aware of your own decisions and learn to accept the truth. It is now moving into the emotionally driven sign of Cancer, which will affect your career. Balance and happiness will emerge in this area, but you may need to change the way you work to achieve this.

Scorpio: March 25 (Saturday)

Cancer, the sensitive water sign that rules your happiness zone, will help you feel abundance and expansion. Mars, the planet of action and passion, moves into the sign of Cancer, which will completely change your luck. It is important to realize that life does not have to be difficult and that learning can happen in an easy way.

Sagittarius: March 22 (Wednesday)

This is a time when themes related to career and purpose will be activated, allowing for more abundance, freedom and joy. Priorities will change, allowing opportunities for growth and healing. As situations arise, they must be dealt with in order to achieve your goals.

Capricorn: March 22 (Wednesday)

Virgo energy rules your area of happiness, which will help you improve the situation and bring new opportunities. It is important that you realize what is really important and that you will have a much better understanding of the causes of your challenges.

Happiness is in you. Photo: Alex Perez/Unsplash

Aquarius: March 19 (Sunday)

Mercury is the planet that rules the mind and communication, not only with other people, but also with oneself. During this period, he will be in Aries, which will help you express your thoughts clearly. This will be great for you as you will benefit both at work and in your personal life. It will also help you be more positive about yourself and focus on what you want.

Pisces: March 21 (Tuesday)

The new moon will appear on March 21, which will also be the luckiest day for your sign. It is important to set an intention, focus energy and prepare for the changes that are coming. Finances will be activated this month and expect an influx that will improve your standard of living. In general, this is an extremely favorable period for many areas of life, finances being just one of them.

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