Magnetips: epic magnetic pens that you can also play with

Magnetips: magical pens that attract each other

Pens are usually meant to create art, and in the case we are presenting this time, they are works of art in themselves. Magnetics are here!

Pens Magnetops are on Kickstarter appeared for the first time in years 2016. After the successful completion of the campaign, the producers left the company Typical decided that the product in the following years still further improve.

The new generation of Magnetips covers gel pens in 20 different colors and 0.7mm tip. They are suitable for writing and drawing, but they are special due to the fact that they can also be used as toys – the pens are lined with Neodymium magnets, thanks to which they attract each other: this means that you can form them in various structures, which will brighten up your desktop.

Magnetips pens are made of durable ABS plastic. Users will also be pleased with theirs simple to use, as the refill can be replaced by unscrewing the pen case. The product for the nib compared to other colored pens produces 60 % less waste material.

If the project has convinced you, you can support it at Kickstarter, where a pack of 20 Magnetips is available at a pre-sale price of 26 pounds or approximately 29 euros.

You can get your pack of 20 pens today.
You can get your pack of 20 pens today.

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