Malie: a digital platform for raising calm, mindful and creative children

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The MALiE digital platform is a place where together with experts in the field of sleep, mind development, meditation and hypnotherapy, they create audio content that helps the little heroes of the future to improve sleeping habits, manage anxiety and fear, understand emotions, better focus, learn mindfulness and meditation and greater creativity.

SMALL, where cute animal characters live, got its name in the Hawaiian language and translates to calm or calm. The stories of the newly discovered planet are intended for little superheroes to be grown into peaceful, compassionate and creative creators of the future.

"MALiE are not just fairy tales for children, but carefully prepared content based on research and modern technologies. Purpose-built content combines various techniques to calm mental processes and focus. They are supported by sounds of different frequencies, which have an impact on the functioning of brain processes. MALiE is a collection of state-of-the-art knowledge and approaches that help children fall asleep easier and sleep better, face daily challenges, anxious feelings, improve concentration and understand the range of emotions that are part of growing up. However, I am extremely pleased by the fact that children recognize MALiE as a pleasant and safe place where they enthusiastically discover the power of their minds." adds the co-founder Tomaž Bračko, an internationally certified sleep expert.

Research shows that the mental distress of children and adults grows alarmingly from year to year. That is why it is important that children learn techniques that help them understand and express emotions in the earliest period, during brain development, and in this way learn critical social-emotional skills. Empowerment with the knowledge they acquire in a loving and appropriate way is the best life journey that parents can give to their children.

Photo: envato

The heroes of this fairytale world are plagued by similar problems and challenges as all growing children. The endearing characters, with the help of stories, own experiences and various techniques, help children to feel better immediately. Children get new virtual "friends" who help them overcome various life challenges. Parents on the planet SMALL they find a modern assistant with which they give children invaluable knowledge in the field of mind development, which will benefit them throughout their lives. Since it is an online platform, there is a fear that children would use smart devices unnecessarily, since everything is based exclusively on sound recordings. When using it, the child does not look at the screen, but participates in mental and creative processes in various interesting and creative ways.

"Through my own experience and work with clients, both at home and abroad in the field of hypnotherapy and mindfulness, I have found that many problems in adult life could be solved more easily or even avoided if we had learned techniques and methods as children, how to improve cognitive and behavioral responses to situations that occur in life. Learning the basics of mindfulness and meditation early in life is the most valuable skill that every child should learn while growing up, as this significantly helps to solve the problems of excessive stress and anxiety." is thinking Brigita Bračko, hypnotherapist and teacher of yoga and mindfulness.

MALiE program is suitable for children up to 10 years of age. Newborns enjoy carefully selected sounds of nature and sound frequencies that have been proven to have a beneficial effect on their brain development and help them fall asleep. Older children, however, with consistent use, take the first steps on the path of mindful living and learn about meditation in a pleasant and comprehensible way. New skills help the youngest both in their private lives and in kindergarten or school. They recognize more easily what is happening with their feelings, understand emotions more easily and learn how to express them in an appropriate way. By regularly listening to the content, they increase concentration, reduce feelings of anxiety and fear. Audio stories of MALiE heroes will lull your children to a pleasant sleep every day. "Since restful sleep is key to a child's development and well-being during the day, we paid a lot of attention to bedtime audio stories. Experience shows that calming your thoughts in the evening and redirecting them to positive things is the key to a good night's sleep. The latter is extremely important in a child's development, because it is precisely during sleep that the brain consolidates all the knowledge that children have acquired during the day." adds Tomaž Bračko.

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The vision and goal of the creators of the planet MALiE is to create content for children based on professional research and the latest findings in the field of child psychology. By using content, children grow up to become emotionally and mentally empowered creators of the world of the future.

Planet MALiE is full of various audio content that is updated monthly. In addition to content for children, they didn't forget parents either. All content subscribers receive regular online meetings in collaboration with renowned experts in the fields of child development, psychology, mind functioning, yoga and meditation, and sleep. This also gives parents the opportunity to explore the content in depth and make their own contribution to the discussion of topics that interest them.

More information and free online registration, where you have access to the content, is available at malie.fun.

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