Men's winter coats 2019/2020: classics are IN for men too

Which men's winter coats 2019/2020 will ward off this year's cold? Fashion designers from fashion weeks in London, Milan and Paris bring you the top trends that you must follow this winter.

Investing in a classic men's winter coat that you can wear for several seasons (or a lifetime) is it certainly pays off. And men's winter coats 2019/2020 they bet on the classics. But for anyone who would like to add something different to their wardrobe this year, there are leather coats and colorful plaids that still are adorned with rather classic cuts.

Men's winter coats 2019/2020:

Plaid coat (XXL)

Plaid coat (photo: IG @sirofsweden)
Plaid coat (photo: IG @sirofsweden)

This winter, the checkered pattern will dominate the coats, which will be worn mainly by those who you don't want to experiment too much with your style, but you still want to stand out somehow. With neutral colors you will achieve a classic look, but keep in mind that colors will also come into their own this winter.

This winter is, among other things, in to the XXL-size sign and maybe right now is the time to abandon the old rule that the coat should be close to the body. Bonus: you'll be able to easily dress up underneath thick sweater!

Long leather coat

Long leather coat (photo: IG @Fendi)
Long leather coat (photo: IG @Fendi)

If you are looking for a coat that will look really fashionable this year, perhaps consider a long leather coat modeled after Ozzy Osbourne. Fashion trends for 2019/2020 basically predict that it will leather extremely popular, but the coats are particularly interesting.

This year, a whole range of colors comes into play. Conceptually, this coat will be quite a classic cut, but they will be embellished various accessories, such as buttons, linings made of warm fabrics, etc.

Coat with pin buttons (duffle coat)

Coat with pin buttons (photo: IG@_pronounce)
Coat with pin buttons (photo: IG@_pronounce)

The coat that has been marked by the adjective " for the last few seasons"kitschy" and "out of fashion”, returns in full glory this winter. It is traditionally adorned with studs and a hood, but otherwise it is made of wool. This year, this type of coat will be given a touch of luxury and elegance, so you can combine it with business colored fashion combinations.

We will be able to see them in different models, lengths, patterns and materials, the focus will be mainly on hoods and buttons of various forms, the main task of which is to ensure that this coat is statement bin.

Double-breasted coat (the pea coat)

Short double-breasted coat (photo: IG @henrikbirkeland)
Short double-breasted coat (photo: IG @henrikbirkeland)

If you swear by authentic classics, without chipped samples and colors, you can then turn to sailor waters and treat yourself to a shorter double-breasted coat, also called navy coat.
It is one of those pieces that you can wear with any combination and you will be look good.

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