Mudita Pure: is a simple white phone the way to a healthy body and soul?

Polish startup Mudita has launched the Pure mobile phone, which has a mission to "improve our well-being" and replace the modern smartphone.

Mudita Pure, a sleek phone with a minimalist design, has a 2.84-inch display with e-ink (also found in the Kindle), which means that it is readable even in the strongest sunlight. Perhaps most importantly, the phone no internet connection available, and functions are limited to calls, messages, notes, calendar, calculator, alarm clock, flashlight, voice recorder and playing music.

The goal of this completely basic device is to stimulate a healthy relationship between the user and his phone, not only mental but also physical. Mudita Pure is equipped with a special antenna, which is supposed to reduce exposure to harmful radio frequencies while maintaining good reception. They are also adapted and limited lamp (color temperature is 3800 K) and exposure to blue light, which is essential for continuous and healthy sleep.
Mudita Pure
Mudita Pure

Still, Mudita Pure retains some of the "less harmful" functions of a smartphone, such as a music player. The user can thus listen to music or an audio book via a powerful 1 W Harman speakers, which Mudita claims provides high quality and natural sound. The battery is supposed to last on a single charge two weeks, which means that we can (almost) forget about the charger!

Mudita Pure
Mudita Pure

Mudita is currently fundraising on Kickstarter (they reached their goal in an hour), but you can get it at the early bird price 236 euros (to which you will add another 23 euros for shipping costs).

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