Mui: an interactive wooden slat for smart home management

We found another interesting project on Kickstarter: the Japanese interactive wooden bar Mui, which can be used instead of a digital screen to control a smart home. The Japanese are once again impressing us with natural materials.

Besides smart speakers with listening digital assistants and applications on smartphones to control smart home devices, it is recommended to have a good old touch somewhere on the wall sensitive screen, which is always in place and it cannot be taken anywhere.

The Japanese, like us, prefer it natural materials, we remember the wooden one bicycles, glasses and some other wooden products, for which our companies raised the necessary capital on Kickstarter, so we, Moo, a touch-sensitive screen dressed in wood, no surprises.

The screen is quite large simple, when we touch it, it shows something possibilities, and the interaction takes place when we touch the surface of the 'wood' with our fingers. The slat can serve for send and receive messages, check the news and weather, and control your smart home. It can be pyou can also connect with your phone.

We find the selection interesting wood, as well as that it is not just about being built into a wooden frame 'tablet'. The designers claim it is the strongesti attribute with which lahwhen he praises the screen, the very material from which it is made, as it goes with everyone the interior.

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