Naustet Stokkoya: a luxury boat house to disconnect from the world on a Norwegian island

Naustet Stokkoya: a luxury boat house to disconnect from the world on a Norwegian island

Do you also need a break from the modern technological hustle and bustle? For all of you who are dealing with overload and need an escape, Naustet Stokkoya Boathouse is the place where you will find your inner peace, at least for a while.

Modern life, in which the flow of information is oversaturated and includes technology, quite often it becomes burdensome. It is not unusual for humans to be constantly looking for ways to relax, disconnect from the virtual world and se connect with nature - there are countless ways to do this, but certainly the most exciting is a trip to Norway, which necessarily includes a stay in luxury boat house Naustet Stokkoya.

Naustet Stokkoya
Naustet Stokkoya

The Norwegian word naustet means boathouse – this one is made of traditional wood, which also includes modern aesthetics. The exterior of the cabin is made of spruce trees, painted with linseed oil, which the wood darkens. Inside, which at first glance looks small, there is a dining room for ten guests, kitchen and four rooms. In the kitchen, you can prepare food in the authentic Norwegian way - by the fire.

The surroundings of the house are also no less luxurious - they are located on the terrace sauna, jacuzzi, outdoor kitchen and boat dock. The boathouse is accessible by car, but even earlier you will need to book your plane tickets and hop to Norway!

You will pay for prestige 10,000 Norwegian kroner, which is approx 1000 euros per night. If you really want to relax, detox from technology and find inner peace, it definitely is worth it!

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