Never apologize to a man for these 3 things!

There are 3 very important things that we women keep apologizing to or trying to justify to men. But that's not right!

It often happens to women that the following 3 things happen We apologize and feel uncomfortable, although it really wasn't necessary. What is it about?

We don't always feel like sex

Of course, this does not mean that we completely give up intimacy, but if at some point we are not in the mood or have no desire for sex, we can decline it without feeling guilty. It's important to remember that we don't have to make excuses or even sacrifice ourselves for sex if we're not comfortable with it. Just like men, we have the right to enjoy our intimate life with a man. Therefore, on that day, when for one reason or another we are not in the mood, we should not be afraid that he ran away to another girl. So this is not normal.

What and how we think, feel, love or live

Being with a man does not mean that we should be the way he wants us to be. We are an independent person who has our own thoughts, desires, emotions, needs, hobbies … It makes us who we are, we don't need to change or apologize. Nevertheless, self-censorship sometimes occurs; women, we change ourselves, thinking that we will be more pleasing to our man, without him asking us to do so. If a man notices this in his woman, then tell her, you fell in love with her right because it is what it is, and that she shouldn't change because of you!

We are our own person with our own thoughts, desires, emotions, needs, hobbies...
We are an independent person who has our own thoughts, desires, emotions, needs, hobbies...

Sometimes we need our personal time and space

Let's never apologize for the fact that we want to be alone for a bit. Maybe we just want to read a book, drink tea or take a walk in the park. There is nothing wrong with that. The problem arises when we spend most of our time alone or with friends and very little time with our partner. But if we want solitude from time to time, let's never apologize for it - it's our need and right.

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