Now is the right time to let go of everything that doesn't make you happy

During these times when you are mostly at home, take the time to put yourself in front of the mirror and reflect on your life. Are you happy?

You hesitate. Nevermind. Whatever it is - a negative thought, feeling, relationship that doesn't make you feel good - now is the time to think about it and let it out of you.

What's holding you back? Are you stuck in a place or situation you don't want to be in and can't move forward to grow, to go towards your dreams and goals? Be brave enough to take that step and slowly walk away.

Maybe your partner relationship is suffocating you, in which you persist, no matter how harmful it may be to you. You don't leave it because it's the life you know, you're used to it, you feel comfortable in it. Maybe you keep coming back because you know what to expect and feel safe doing so. Maybe you think this is what you were meant to do, even though you secretly want something more, something different. But you hold on to the relationship because you are afraid that you will remain alone, that you will not meet a person who would be different, better to and for you. Maybe you just put up with it.

Maybe you have a painful thought or feeling, which you hide behind your smile. A feeling you can't shake, you don't know how to. Or maybe you don't want it at all? Perhaps you have become so used to it that anything different from it is scary to you. You are afraid of new feelings.

Maybe the pain has swallowed you up so much that you've forgotten what it felt like to be happy. What does it feel like when everything is good and not surrounded by pain and fear. You have accepted that feeling is acceptable to you.

Look at yourself, find your true potential within yourself. Let go of bad habits, people who don't appreciate you, relationships that don't breathe. It will be hard. It will hurt. It may take a long time to get used to it again, to learn to be different, to be who you are, not what others want you to be. Believe me, you will succeed.

Maybe you think that this is the most that was meant for you, although secretly you want something more, something different.
Maybe you think that this is the most that was meant for you, although secretly you want something more, something different.

And when you look back after some time, you will feel an incredible sense of relief and happiness inside you, because you never thought that you could ever be where you are at this moment. You will look back on the time you were overcome fears and insecurities and left behind worries, negative thoughts, wrong decisions, people who were not meant for you or caused you pain. And you will realize that all the worries you had in the past were unnecessary.

You tend to accept what life throws your way, whether good or bad. Accept the fact that you will never be able to control the things that happen to you, but you can change how you react to them.

You have survival instincts built into you, your mind and body will tell you when something isn't right. If you think you don't have it in you, you're wrong, you just have to believe in yourself! Listen to yours instinct.

Believe that you are brave enough to let go of the things in your life that limit you, suffocate you, bring you fear and pain. Enough you are strong, to overcome the pain that your decisions will bring, to move on, to leave behind people, things, feelings.

The pain will fade and slowly become just a distant memory.

And when you now look in the mirror again, there is a new person in front of you, the person you wanted to change into. You are doing the things you have dreamed of doing in your personal and business life. You have a partner who respects and loves you. You realized that the world is not only black and white, that life is a rainbow of ups and downs, and that above all you must just believe in yourself!

"Perfect happiness is a mosaic that we put together throughout our lives." – Jim Rohn

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