PUMA Future Rider: a futuristic sneaker that takes you back in time

PUMA Future Rider: a futuristic sneaker that takes you back to your youth

Retro 1980s running sneakers are nothing new in the current fashion world - we've been seeing them in different styles, patterns and brands for a while now, but clearly the time has come for PUMA to mix it up and revolutionize it. The PUMA Future Rider is a shoe that will bring all the "older generations" back to the past.

Although it seems that the manufacturers of footwear they no longer have an ace up their sleeve, PUMA has been positively surprising us for some time now - we'd dare say that at first glance their shoes are just another brand in a sea of same, but it's obvious that we haven't been paying attention to an important element of their iconic sneakers. Nostalgia!

PUMA Future Rider (Photo: IG @tahiribah)
PUMA Future Rider (Photo: IG @tahiribah)

We can say with certainty that PUMA is betting everything on this time nostalgia, captured in modern design language and they do damn well at it. This is proven by the new model of the shoe PUMA Future Rider, who found his inspiration in sneakers PUMA Fast Rider from 1980 - the offbeat color palette takes us back to the time when we first wore such shoes, and the thick sole and aesthetically perfect lines perfectly capture the futuristic fashion of modern times.

Although the PUMA Future Rider found inspiration in a model from the 1980s, which at the same time represents a completely new style, which mainly includes a mixture more modern textiles (ripstop nylon and suede).

PUMA Future Rider (Photo: IG @denny623)
PUMA Future Rider (Photo: IG @denny623)

PUMA has a clear strategy – mining vast archives, in which they are inspired to restore the iconic sneaker, clearly, with modern design elements. It's part of the strategy Future, which allows PUMI to constantly influences modern sneaker culture/fashion, but at the same time preserves its sporting heritage.

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