Solid Gold: The world's most expensive bike made of solid gold

Solid Gold looks more like a hip-hop video than a challenging mountain terrain, but the 24 carat 'fat bike' meets all the required characteristics of this extreme cycling subgenre. It's rare that extreme meets extreme, but for the maker of these bikes, The House of Solid Gold, extreme is just "another day at the office"*.

Series Beverly Hills will count a total of 13 copies. Almost will be invested in each 800 hours of manual work, and a few more will go into unique touches, such as a tailored seat, engraved signature of the author, date of purchase and serial number. Like any gold product, this one will also come with a bill certificate of authenticity.

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Solid Gold Mountain Bike made of pure gold, it will not only be the frame of the bike, but almost every component you can imagine. The exception is the seat covered in chocolate brown alligator skin, handles and part of an otherwise golden bottle from shagreen skin, and front and rear derailleur parts. Even the logo will keep in touch with prestige, as it will be sprinkled with as many as 600 black diamonds (6 carats) and 500 gold sapphires (4.5 carats).

A detail that is worth a fortune in itself.
A detail that is worth a fortune in itself.

So if you are not outrageously rich and you don't have an extra million dollars lying around, that's how much this bike costs, it will be enough to only close your eyes. It will be difficult to convince your wife or girl, that they are in debt for life, and the diamonds on the logo up or down.

*another day at the office

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