Razer's Project Linda turns your phone into a computer

It has become a tradition for Razer to show up at CES 2018 with an imaginative technological innovation. This year it introduced Project Linda, part of the hardware for the new Razer Phone.

S Project Lindo we will be able to Razer Phone expanded into a laptop. Using this device is simple. It's up to you to say yes place the phone in the empty space on the laptop, and you press the power button, which will allow them to be data transferred from the phone to the computer. Your smartphone's screen will appear on your laptop's screen, and you'll have more available 200 GB of additional storage space. The phone's battery will charge the entire time it is inserted into Linda.

Razer's Project Linda.
Razer's Project Linda.

Project Linda does not have a power button, as that is what they are intended for button and fingerprint sensor on the phone. It's the same with speakers - Project Linda uses Razer Phon speakers. In addition, we will have buttons for multitasking, opening applications and using the Google Assistant function.

Most apps will work the same as on tablet computers with the Android operating system. Some programs, such as Chrome, adapt more easily to mouse and keyboard control than others. The developers have not yet optimized the applications to work on Project Linda.

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