Realistic "bodypaint" illustrations that reveal the inside of our bodies

"Bodypaint" illustrations,

Artist Danny Quirk impresses with extraordinary realistic "bodypaint" illustrations that reveal the inside of our bodies. With extremely vivid paintings, he shows what is hidden under the skin that covers our legs, arms, back and face. So let's check how you would look without your largest organ - the skin.

Danny Quirk is an artist who, with the help of liquid latex, acrylic paint and felt-tip pens, shows what is hidden under our largest organ - the skin. His realistic illustrations, which he draws directly on the bodies of his models in the style of "bodypaint", reveal muscles, tissue and organs and thus vividly show the inner workings of our bodies. Check out Danny's anatomical paintings in the gallery and see for yourself that his work is art with added value, as it has the ability to teach about how our bodies work...

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