March 12 – Gregorian or this happy day when the birds get married


March 12 is reserved for Gregorian, the day when birds get married, the day when girls used to look up at the sky and watch out for birds. Looking into the sky was like looking into a crystal ball, because the first bird they saw announced what her husband would be like. Otherwise, Gregorov's Day is considered the Slovenian Valentine's Day, which has somehow stolen its love status and today is more associated with light.

Gregory, which we celebrate every year March 12, formed by love and light. The latter is connected with the man who gave the holiday its name, Saint Gregory, the bringer of light, otherwise the patron saint of miners, masons, button makers, teachers, students, scholars, musicians, singers and choirs and choral singing, and women also turned to him with their supplications regarding fertility. Because he was Pope Gregory the Great from the times when the Julian calendar was in force, Gregorio's was initially on the first day of spring, when his god. But a good thousand years after his birth, when we years 1582 switched to the Gregorian calendar (named after Pope Gregory XII, not Gregory the Great), the holiday moved to today's March 12. Otherwise, there is a mistaken belief that it is celebrated on Gregorian his hon. In 1969, the Church moved it to September 3, since the old date (the day of his death) was during the 40-day fast. In addition to this mistaken belief by the government, there is another inconsistency. Namely, birds do not marry on Gregor's day. They are already getting married on January 21 (Vincent's) and on Valentine's Day February 14. Well, there is clearly no shortage of excitement even on March 12.

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Gregorjevo is Valentine's Day in Slovenian, the day of lovers.
Gregorjevo is Valentine's Day in Slovenian, the day of lovers.

Otherwise, it is not even that important today, because nowadays Gregor's is marked above all gregorians, these illuminated boats or houses that crawl along the surface of the water. According to tradition, on this day St. Gregor threw a light into the water, which was extremely important in the days when there was no electricity. The sun namely, it gained strength again, and it also took much longer to visit. Of course, we must not forget about navels, which start popping like popcorn, and little birds chirping furiously. Have you also welcomed the arrival of the sun and spring by letting down Gregorian chants in one of the Slovenian towns? In Ljubljana, in Cerklje na Gorenjska, in Tacno, Domžale, Nakle or somewhere else? If, then with us on ours Facebook share a photo on the page.

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