Reality vs. fantasy: Colorful illustrations by Marina Papi

Illustrator, designer and dreamer, as Brazilian artist Marina Papi calls herself, takes photographs uncompromisingly and with a lot of imagination. Thus, completely realistic images are transformed into colorful worlds full of fantasy and dreams.

Marina Papi she is young illustrator, who currently lives and creates in Rio de Janeiro. Her specialty is the fact that she has a huge imagination, as she is capable of completely realistic photos to see colorful worlds that seem to us viewers to be from another world.

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They get the photos a touch of fantasy, and because of the colorful colors that Marina Papi uses, they become full of energy. The ball held by the boy turns into the planet Saturn, the parachute becomes a big colorful bird, the sea flows like ink, and the sky is filled with magical stars. Innocent, fairytale and beautiful.

Check out Marina Papi's colorful illustrations in our photo gallery!

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More information:
www.marinapapi.com and www.instagram.com

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