Identify bad friends: 6 things good friends never do

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Friends can be like a second family, because they are with you for laughs and tears. Good friends are always by your side, because they support you and make your life more beautiful. But sometimes you hang out with people who actually don't have a good influence on you. Don't bring positive energy, respect and good feelings, they make you feel guilty and regretful. Pay attention to certain signs that indicate that you do not have the right friends by your side.

1. When you are accused of guilt

Ups and downs are normal in a healthy friendship, but not all things that happen are dramatic. Bad friends will try to make any situation even more dramatic and you have a constant feeling of guilt around them. Everything that happens is your fault.

2. When they always have to be better than you

Friends are there to support you in various life situations. A true and sincere friend, they will listen to you, help you, support you and maybe even give you advice. A bad friend doesn't even want to hear about your problems. He constantly compares your experiences with his, brags about his successes and is the center of the world.

Fake friendships can be just as emotionally draining and abusive as a relationship. In such cases, it is necessary to firmly set boundaries and take care of yourself.
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3. When they gossip about other friends

When your friend starts picking on other friends, it's a sign that he can do it even when you're not around. When you find that you have a friend who likes to slander, it is a good idea to consider a mutual friendship.

4. They don't apologize properly

True friends will also know how to apologize appropriately. When apologizing, the real one will ask you about your feelings and why you felt that way. Just an apology - I'm sorry, it's not enough.

5. When you're told you're exaggerating

Blackmail is a form of emotional abuse where someone uses their words and actions to make you doubt your thoughts and feelings for no good reason. People who put you under the influence of this kind of behavior make you think that you are really guilty and that you are exaggerating because of your sensitivity.

6. When they emphasize what they did for you

If they constantly point out what they have done for you, complain about you and make you feel guilty, and that you constantly owe them something, it may be time to think twice about this kind of friendship.

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