Royole FlexPai: the first foldable phone that can also be a tablet

Royole FlexPai

The Royole FlexPai has overtaken its rivals and can boast the reputation of being the first to give the world a foldable smartphone. When you need a bigger screen, you simply open it and it becomes a tablet.

Useful or not, Royole FlexPai is the first for all of us an accessible phone that can be folded in the middle, thus reducing its dimensions by half compared to the longer side of the screen. When you need a bigger screen, get it you simply open it, and it becomes a tablet that has a diagonal of 7.8 inches (almost 20 cm).

But there is a matter minor cosmetic flaw – the phone is 'thick', namely has almost two centimeters at the fold, which is not a little. It is powered by a processor Snapdragon 8150, and in the back they brag two cameras – wide angle s 16-megapixel and a narrow-angle (telephoto lens) with a 20-megapixel sensor.

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