Sergi Ventura: chipped 24-carat gold chandeliers

Chiseled chandeliers made of 24 carat gold

Sergi Ventura, a Spanish industrial designer, says for himself that he likes to push the boundaries of design and art. He wants to give objects that initially do not seem important just that - meaning. His latest collection is lamps that reflect elegance and tell stories. He also spiced up his work with 24-karat gold.

So, 3 ceiling lamps and 1 standing lamp resemble already known figures or objects. It's for inspiration Ventura chose dancing ballerina, the violin, a bird looking for food and flower blossoms on the balconyu. The designer used for the base material aluminum, which he then covered with 24 carat gold, copper or painted it in black or white in coloro. Each lamp required a special processing technique, from glass blowing to hand bending.

On its Ventura website does not disclose prices. If you want the lamps, you must first send an inquiry. But we can think that they are not exactly among the cheapest lamps.

Gallery - Chipped 24-carat gold chandeliers

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