Simple golden rules that strong couples set for themselves in a relationship

What is the secret to a great partnership? Is there a recipe that all strong couples follow? What golden unwritten rules do they follow?

We looked at some unwritten rules in a relationship considered by the powerful pairs and compiled a list based on statements and quotes from many experts. This is also why we can say that these simple golden rules are the cornerstone of every strong partnership. As long as you take them into account, the two of you can live in a strong partnership!

1. They avoid deliberately arousing jealousy. When you are in a solid relationship where you receive enough attention and care from the other person, you don't feel the need to seek it further with such low-level tactics.

2. They don't check their partner's phones. Your need to check your partner's phone shows that you don't trust them. Once you start curiously calling your better half on the phone, sincerity has already gone out the window and every beep on the phone is enough to start a fight.

3. They do not compare their relationship with previous relationships. If we compare two things, we will always have a winner and a loser. Every relationship is different, and what made our previous relationship special may not hold true for our current one. Strong couples focus on the relationship they are in.
4. They do not disclose their relationship on Facebook. If you actually put such a strong importance on posting a relationship on Facebook (to confirm your status), you probably aren't mature enough for a real and strong relationship.

5. They know how to spend time separately. Confident couples don't need to be with each other all the time. The fact is, they don't want to be together all the time. They know it is important to still maintain their independence and outside interests.

6. They avoid pointing out the faults of the other. No one is without mistakes. Strong couples know each other's weaknesses. Rather than dwelling on the mistakes of others, they offer their support.

They are not trying to change the other person.
They are not trying to change the other person.

7. They don't try to change the other person. You fell in love for a reason, not a "How to make him/her better" project. Stable couples do not try to change the other person's appearance or character.

8. They do not compete with each other. There is a difference between challenging a partner and competing with them. In the former, both are better, in the latter, someone has to lose. It's not about who bought what and what they remembered. It is a selfless decision to make yourself happy.

9. They don't set limits. By setting limits, our relationship cannot grow. So-called "rules" that prohibit another person from doing something will only bring resentment. If we are confident enough in our own skin, then we know how to hold back even in such things.

They never humiliate themselves in public.
They never humiliate themselves in public.

10. They don't embellish things. They are always honest with each other, even if it's not always what they want to hear.
11. They never insult their partner's family. Insulting your partner's family is similar to someone making comments about your looks or weight.

12. They never deny their affection for their partner. The sexual component has the same weight as the emotional one. Strong couples have a hard time resisting their partner, and it's even harder to be without them.

13. They never humiliate themselves in public. Deliberately embarrassing your partner - especially in front of other people - is the reason for the breakup of the relationship. There are other ways of self-expression that do not involve shaming another.

14. They don't constantly wonder what their partner is doing and where he is. Strong couples don't need constant contact. They don't spend time wondering what the other person is doing and where they are. A balance between thinking about oneself and thinking about others is necessary.

15. They never get angry at another without explaining why. We know that passive-aggressiveness never works the way we want it to. Successful couples are able to speak up and are not afraid of the other person's reaction. Holding onto your anger without giving your partner a chance to explain is not fair to anyone.

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