The Simpsons, Tanya Golesic and The Wolf of Wall Street impressed the visitors of Weekend.16

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Halls full to the last corner, charismatic lecturers and panelists from fifteen countries and enthusiasts of the Weekend atmosphere and the selected festival program marked the weekend in Rovinj and the 16th edition of the Weekend Media Festival, which was supported by the Adris group as general sponsor. Discussions about creative business, media, artificial intelligence, marketing and social networks took place in the premises of the old Tobacco Factory, where visitors sought answers to current questions and trends in modern business.

Jordan Belfort, known as the original Wolf of Wall Street, shared his views on selling and accepting mistakes in business via video link from Miami. "Success starts in the head. The key is how we manage our emotions and how we strive to be the best version of ourselves," Belfort emphasized. War photographer Jan Grarup he presented his ten years of experience from war zones and natural disaster zones. Grarup emphasized the power of photojournalism as a tool to convey dramatic stories to the world.

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Tanya Golesic, a recognized figure in the world of luxury fashion, in a conversation with Jelena Veljača, revealed the challenges in her business journey and how to create a luxury fashion brand in a dynamic world. "If you don't adapt to changes, the fashion industry is not for you," emphasized Golesic.

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Aljoša Bagola, a former creative director and personal development expert, warned about technology addiction and the question of whether we should always be reachable on mobile devices.

The weekend brings fresh themes and continues in the spirit of a superb atmosphere

Saturday opened with a focus on FINTECH on the panel "FINTECH - The Future of Banking". Among the guests were Maximilian Tayenthal, Vice President of the Management Board and Operations Director of N26 AG, Hrvoje Ćosić, President of the Aircash Management Board, and Boris Vujčić, Governor of the Croatian National Bank. Under the leadership of the dean of ZŠEM, Mate Njavra, they discussed the future of digital money. “Banking is undoubtedly moving into the digital age; from offline to online and on to smartphones. Let's expect interesting changes in the future," Tayenthal emphasized.

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The Dean of ZŠEM will also host a conversation with To Kishore Mahbubani, former presidents of the UN Security Council, where they will shed light on key issues of modern society, such as the war in Ukraine, climate change and technological shifts.

The upcoming European elections will also be in the foreground. Jaume Duch Guillot, spokesperson for the European Parliament, will moderate the panel "Don't scroll", where they will shed light on the geopolitical picture of the coming year and emphasize the importance of young voters.

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The Saturday program will be enriched with media panels. On one of them, with the title "Something old, something new", experts will discuss the transition from television to social networks. Aleksandar Stanković will present his book "Depra" and shared his personal experience with the disease he has been living with for more than a decade.

Panel "Open About AI" will bring together leading experts in artificial intelligence. Boris Jokić will be on the panel "The world will end soon" discussed the impact of artificial intelligence and TikTok on youth and education.

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Saturday brings a dose of laughter with the best regional stand-up comedians, such as Goran Vinčić, Tin Vodopivec, Peđa Bajović and the popular journalist and presenter Zoran Kesić, who will lead the panel "What's funny here?". Regional topics will also be highlighted by the participants of the panel "Trap from Vardar to Triglav", where they will discuss the phenomenon of trap music, which has gained a place among the most listened to music genres in the world and in our region. While the panel entitled "2024 - the year of sport" will shed light on the upcoming sporting events, the audience in Rovinj will certainly laugh at some of the slips of the guests, such as Hrvoje Bujas, president of UGP, Joško Lokas, presenter and producer at HRT, Nikola Dujmović, founder and director company Span, and Hrvoje Ćosić, director of Aircash. Everything will take place in the framework of the "Pušiona 2.0" panel, where guests will share their less successful stories.

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Saturday evening will be served with a great atmosphere, this time in the company of the Dutch-New Zealand musical sensation, the band My Baby, who has been winning the hearts of regional audiences for a long time with his performances. DJ Medo and Turk, Zembo Latifa and a special guest from RNB Confusion, who are celebrating 20 years of great parties this year, will provide entertainment until the early hours of the morning.

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